ICИЦ-машка спојка

AJ instead of JIC male 74 degrees cone tee have a 37 degrees cone seat on three sides. JIC adapters are an excellent choice for preventing leaks and can be used for higher pressure applications. JIC adapters provided are equivalent to JIC adapters from Parker, Eaton, Aeroquip, Weatherhead, and Gates Hydraulics.


Part no.: AJ(JIC male 74 degrees cone tee)
Material: Mild Steel(Mostly); Stainless Steel or Brass(Special demands)
Threads: JIC; NPT; ORFS; Metric; BSP; BSPT; etc.
Specifications: products made according to standard(Winner) or customers’ designed drawings
Stock: many sizes kept as stock products
Sample: less than 5 piece free for checking quality

Табела за технички податоци



AJ-04U7 / 16 "X20U7 / 16 "X2024.524.524.511
AJ-04-06-04U7 / 16 "X20U9 / 16 "X1825252514
AJ-05U1 / 2 "X20U1 / 2 "X2024.524.524.511
AJ-06-04-06U9 / 16 "X18U7 / 16 "X2025252514
AJ-06U9 / 16 "X18U9 / 16 "X1825252514
AJ-08U3 / 4 "X16U3 / 4 "X1627.527.527.519
AJ-08-06-08U3 / 4 "X16U9 / 16 "X1827.527.527.519
AJ-10U7 / 8 "X14U7 / 8 "X1430303022
AJ-12U1.1 / 16 "X12U1.1 / 16 "X1240404027
AJ-16U1.5 / 16 "X12U1.5 / 16 "X1243434333
AJ-16-12-16U1.5 / 16 "X12U1.0/16"X1243434333
AJ-20U1.5 / 8 "X12U1.5 / 8 "X1249494944

Опис на производот

Hydraulic Fittings and adapters

1) Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel
2) Finish: yellow Zinc plated, White Zinc Plated
3) Standards: SAE, JIC, BSP, NPT, DIN, etc
Ние сме производство и маркетинг на сите видови хидраулични фитинзи, исто така можеме да произведуваме според цртежи или примероци на клиенти.


1. Hose Fitting
1). Swaged Hose Fitting
Standard: Ferrule, Flat Seal, 60 Cone Seal, Multi seal,
74 Cone Seal, 90 Cone Seal,
24 Cone O-Ring Seal L.T., 24 Cone O-Ring Seal H.T.,
24 Cone Multi seal L.T., 24 Cone Multi seal H.T.,
Standpipe Straight
BSP O-ring Seal, BSPT, BSP Multi seal, BSP Flat Seal,
BSP60 Cone Seal, SAE O-Ring Seal, NPT, JIC74 Cone Seal,
SAE 90 cone seal, ORFS Flat Seal, NPSM60 Cone Seal,
SAE Flange L.T., SAE Flange H.T., Flange, Metric60 Cone Seal, GAS60 Cone Seal,
Metric Water wash, Staplelok, Banjo, NPT Awivel, SAE O-Ring Boss Awivel, Double Connection
2). Interlock Hose Fitting
Standard: Ferrule, British, NPT, PRFS Flat Seal, JIC74 Cone Seal, Metric 24 Cone Seal H.T., SAE Flange, 9000PSI Flange, Double Connection
3). Reusable Hose Fitting
4). Socket less Hose Fitting

2. Adapter
Metric Thread Bite Type Tube Fittings
Metric Thread O-Ring Face Seal Fittings
Metric Thread 74 Cone Flared Tube Fittings
Metric Thread Bite Type Tube Fittings
BSP Thread 60 Cone Fitting
BSPT Thread Fittings
JIC 74 Cone Flared Tube Fitting
NPT Thread Fittings
ORFS Fittings

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